Welcome to the GBC Worship auditions page.
We need you!!!! Below you will find the requirements we look for in prospective members.  These are the things we seek for the main team but as we are a teaching Church we are more than willing to come alongside you and grow new members. There are many needs as well as many places to serve and grow for all levels of ability in the Grace Bible Church Worship Ministry. God comes first, flexibility is a must and seeking excellence for Him is our goal. Each serving member will need to know the music well though arrangements may change. Come see me and let’s get our Worship on!!!

Experienced Background and Lead Vocalist:

  • Must be able to sing high and low harmonies by ear.  Leads need to have strong vocal abilities as well as a leading presence on stage.
  • Minimum 1 year experience doing background harmonies and/or lead vocals on a worship team or live performance.
  • Artistic timing.  When to sing and when not to.

Experienced Instrumentalists:

  • Proficiency on your instrument is a must for the main team. However we do have many ministry needs and places to serve for all levels of ability where new members can grow in their craft.
  • Minimum of 1 year experience playing as a regularly serving member of a worship team.
  • Must be able to play from a chord sheet, in any key.
  • Sensitivity to the Spirit – ability to follow the worship leader in the Spirit during worship.  (things may change on the fly)
  • With the exception of drums, you must bring your own instrument and gear.
  • Artistic timing.  When to play and when not to.
  • Keys: Ability to play piano and keys with some knowledge of patches to be used in any song. Knowledge of and/or willingness to learn MIDI controlling and computer programming. (Its not as scary as it sounds.)
  • Lead Guitar: Ability to play signature lead lines and creative filling as needed while staying in the tone and feel of the song, not only rhythm electric. Good ear, good tone and good knowledge of effects and how/when to use them.
  • Drummers: Must be able to play well while hitting all the changes, stops, and key beats.
  • Audio Visual, Sound and Lighting: Experience preferred but we are a teaching church.

How to Audition:
The first phase of auditions is to examine yourself deeply with the questions on the intro page.

We at GBC worship, as a baseline look to recreate each song as it sounds and go from there.  Once you have done that, please contact the GBC worship leader, Martin, in person or via email at  We will go from there.

If you have any questions, concerns or are struggling, don`t hesitate to contact the worship leader, Martin, at  GBC Worship has many opportunities for all abilities and growing Worship team members.