Small Groups and Classes


Life-change happens best in the context of community.  Spiritual growth is more than simply knowing what Jesus says, it’s applying what He says to our everyday lives.  Application happens best when there is a community of others there to encourage, support, and pray for you.  Therefore, small groups are vitally important for life-change. 

At Grace, we offer four different kinds of groups:


Grace Groups are small groups of up to 15 people committed to meeting regularly for building relationships, encouragement and discussing the previous Sunday’s message follow-up questions or a specific Bible study.  Groups usually meet twice a month and are geared for different stages of life or geographical location. 

Click HERE for a list of our current open Grace Groups.  


Discipleship groups are similar to Grace Groups but meet weekly with a set discipleship curriculum and the goal of developing believers to become true disciples of Christ.  Members learn how to…

 …establish a DAILY relationship with Christ

 …integrate biblical and theological foundations of Christianity into their lives

…identify, embrace, and engage their personal mission fields

…begin making disciples of others

Click HERE for a list of our current Discipleship Groups.


Adult classes are on-campus groups that meet for a specific number of  weeks with the goal of members increasing their knowledge of Scripture and learning ways to practically apply biblical principles in their everyday lives.  Classes are available on Sunday mornings, Wednesday mornings and evenings, as well as Saturday mornings.  Options includes classes for men only, women only, and co-ed.

Click HERE for a list of our current classes.


For those struggling with the difficulties of life, or who are in need of dealing with its hurts and traps, Grace offers Recovery Groups including Re: Generation, GriefShare, Financial Peace University, Moneywise and the Legacy. 

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