Our Vision

What is Our Vision?
Over the next 5 years, we believe God wants for us to expand our capacity to connect with people for the life-changing pursuit of Jesus Christ.  We believe God’s desire for Grace is to be a regional church branching out from La Vernia to areas like Floresville and Seguin.  To accomplish this goal, we will need to…

  • …build better ministries
  • …devote more time reaching people in this region for Christ
  • …expand our facilities.

In 2015, Grace Bible Church committed to each of these areas, including the need to expand our facilities.  Starting in 2016, our hope is to break ground on a building expansion that’s greatly needed.  This expansion will…

  • …give us some needed room to grow
  • …provide clearly defined zones for the Foyer, Worship Center, Children, and Students
  • …and enhance our worship experience through needed A/V upgrades.

For more information and to keep up with our progress, see more details below.

What Will it Look Like?
Below are some artist renderings of what we expect the expansion to look like when it is completed.

How Far Along Are We?
We have broken the plan into 5 phases.  Currently we have completed Phases I-III and will be breaking ground within the next few weeks.

Phase I
Finalize Scope
Phase II
Phase III
Drawings & Bids
Break Ground
September 2016
Phase IV
Phase V
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