Mother’s Day Out 2017-2018 Waiting List

Mother’s Day Out 2017-2018 Waiting List

Grace Bible Church

time 8:00 am

September 5, 2017


May 31, 2018

Purpose —
The purpose of our Mother’s Day Out Ministry is to provide a positive God-centered learning environment for your child. We want to lay a foundation in biblical truth for every child by integrating biblical teachings in all that we do. Our hope is that we will convey God’s love daily to your child and they in turn will learn about the love God has for them.  We want them to know that they are a part of a family of believers who love and care for them.  At the start of each day, our staff prays for the children and families of the ministry.

Because we believe parents are important, our secondary purpose is to partner with them to build a foundation of faith and love that will lead their child and family into a life-changing pursuit of Christ. Our ministry acknowledges that God has appointed parents as the primary spiritual instructors in the lives of their children. Our role is to come alongside them, not replace them, during this season of parenting. We strive to minister to and aid parents in any way we can. We invite parents to be active participants in the ministry through volunteer opportunities, assisting teachers with classroom projects, attending special events, and much more.

Program Description–
We encourage each child’s physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual development through playful learning.  Our Christ-centered curriculum is unit-based; and age-appropriate learning activities are chosen to lay a foundation for understanding God, Jesus, the Bible, church, self, family, others, and the natural world. We integrate language development, number concepts, pre-reading and pre-math readiness into our daily activities.

Children also attend chapel on a weekly basis. Chapel is an engaging environment where children learn about God in a creative and relevant way. They participate in worship through singing and dancing, hear a Bible story, and participate in a large group activity. This is truly a special time that is designed to replicate a mini church service where we come together in worship of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
When is it open?   Mother’s Day Out is provided September through May, each Tuesday and Thursday from 8a – 3p.

2017-2018 Monthly Tuition: (based on child’s age on 9-1-17)

Under 4 years of age — $170 per month

Four years old — $160 per month

2017-2018 Fees:  (due at registration to hold spot)

Registration Fee  $25  — Nonrefundable, one-time fee for families who are enrolling into the ministry for the first time.  This fee is waived for current families.

Supply Fee $125 per year per child — Nonrefundable fee that covers the cost of curriculum, crafts, special events, snacks, etc.

Enrollment is currently full for the 2017-2018 school year. 

CLICK HERE to add your child(ren) to the MDO 2017-2018 Waiting List.